Diffrence in between “indeed,” “obviously,” and “of course”

Can someone please tell me what the difference between indeed, obviously, and of course is?


They are used for emphasis. Let’s say you and I are in a room that is blue and I say “the room is blue.” Your response would be:

  • “Obviously, the room is blue.” – I stated something we both could see
    and you are annoyed by that.

  • “Indeed, the room is blue.” – You agree with me on the room’s color
    or you are surprised by the intensity of the color.

  • “Of course, the room is blue.” – You know the reason why the room is
    blue or you don’t want to be sarcastic and / or make fun of me for
    stating the obvious.

Source : Link , Question Author : Murali Mopuru , Answer Author : lonehorseend

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