discontinue comma character in english language

comma character is represented by ,
can we create a new character in english language as discontinue which is trailing of comma character?

The use of discontinue character in the below sentence.

Please do not cross the road as there is a red signal.

Between the word “road” and “as” add the discontinue character.

enter image description here


As the jokes in the comments suggest, there is no person or organisation that decides what “English” is. The rules of English are descriptions of how English is used by the millions of English speakers.

So if the question is “Can I start using a new punctuation mark” the answer is “yes”, nobody will stop you.

If the question is “Will anybody else know what it means” the answer is “not unless you tell them”

If the question is “Will it become part of English” the answer is “You will have to convince millions of people that they need this character. That seems very unlikely.

So the short answer is: No you can’t create a new character in English.

Source : Link , Question Author : Prashant Akerkar , Answer Author : James K

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