Do we have a common expression to say that a person is in a rush and carelessly bumps into things or people?

A man is in a rush and bumps into a woman. In Vietnamese, that woman might get upset and say "Where are your eyes and nose that you run like a thief" (literally translated from Vietnamese).

Do we have a common expression in English that express a similar idea?


"Oy!" or "’Ere!" (meaning ‘Here!’) followed by "Look where you’re going!", "Watch where you’re going!", "Are you blind?!" or "Where’s the fire?!" are all popular in the UK, perhaps with a final insult: "Clumsy oaf!" (There is a wide range of alternatives to ‘oaf’, some of them even stronger.)

I myself shall be using the Vietnamese expression from now on.

Source : Link , Question Author : Tom , Answer Author : Old Brixtonian

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