Do we say “someone rang the doorbell” for the machine that monitors people entering a building?

I live in an apartment of a building and when my friend visits me, they can not get into the building unless they press my apartment number on a system placed in the front of the building.

There is another piece of equipment with a screen installed in my house.

And when visitors press my apartment number, the equipment will make noise and I will come to look at its screen. If I know the visitors, I will press to unlock the building gate and the visitors can enter the building to go up to my apartment.

What is that piece of equipment in my house called?

I can’t call it a doorbell because I have a doorbell installed on the door of my apartment, can I?.

In a casual everyday conversation, can I say "someone rang the doorbell" when I hear the noise from that equipment?


In casual speech "rang the doorbell" is fine. But you can call it an "intercom"

When you get to the building press 5 on the intercom, and I’ll buzz you in.

Source : Link , Question Author : Tom , Answer Author : James K

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