Does A bit + adj sound right?

I think this isn’t grammatically correct but rather a thing used in a daily language.

For a bit less work, we skipped that part…

be the same as

We skipped that part to not do a very small job/work/task.

My most concern comes from the ‘a bit less’ part as it doesn’t seem so right to me. Is it okay to say something like that?


No, a bit is simply a synonym of "slightly, a little":

We use a bit to modify adjectives, or as an adverb. It is more informal than a little:

  • They had got a bit tired working in the garden.

A bit is also used to modify comparative adjectives and comparative determiners:

  • The climate in New Zealand was a bit nicer than we had expected. (Cambridge)

In your sentence, a bit is used exactly in the same way: it modifies the comparative adjective less:

For a bit less work, we skipped that part…

means that we skipped a part for a little less work (in order to work less).

Source : Link , Question Author : JOUA , Answer Author : fev

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