Does a parked car lie in the street, or sit in the street, or stand in the street?

Does a parked car

lie in the street


sit in the street


stand in the street


Is there a rule to determine which verb to use with a specific noun, when the noun describes a thing – like a ball – which cannot have different positions, contrary to a human being for instance?


A parked car usually stands.

The only time it lies is if it is not in an upright position and is e.g. lying in a ditch, or lying on its side/upside down in the road.

As for sitting. how exactly would it do that?

Edit One commenter has produced an example, from American fiction, of a car sitting. My own belief is that this would be rare in Britain, but I am ready to be proved wrong. However I have now changed my assertion from a car always stands to a car usually stands.

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