Does a thesaurus of comparative adverbs or comparative adjectives exist? Needing a replacement for “more successful”

I want a word but I don’t want to have to use “more successful”. I don’t consider successfuler a suitable attempt in the context I want to use it in either.

I think this is called a comparative adverb, but I don’t know of a thesaurus of comparative adverbs. Can anyone point me to that?
Failing that, has anyone got ideas for an aspirational word that could replace “more successful”?


Successful is an adjective, while succesfully is the adverb form of it. Maybe a replacement for ‘more successful‘ could be ‘of greater success‘ or ‘better/more achieved‘. If the context of ‘successful’ deals more with money and/or position, than also consider ‘wealthier‘, ‘more aristocratic‘, and ‘better titled‘.

I’m probably not the best person to listen to for this though. Looking up synonyms for ‘successful’ on or any other website for yourself would be your best route.

Source : Link , Question Author : James , Answer Author : Arturo don Juan

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