Does a word meaning “Created Recklessly for Temporary Use” exist?

Imagine you are surviving in the wilderness traveling in a wandering manner. You’ve found this landscape that is wonderfully abundant in food and basking in a very favorable climate. Therefore, you decide that this is your new residence.

Night is approaching, so you haphazardly piece together a makeshift shelter to make for a more enjoyable living experience while you get your act together.

This shelter is only temporary. After you’ve become familiar with the land and have gathered finer resources, you will begin creating a proper home complete with securities, amenities, and furnishings.

The word I am looking for is an adjective meaning something similar to “created recklessly for temporary use.”

The shelter you were building on your first night was a(n) ________

The words and phrases “ad-hoc”, “off the cuff”, “on the run” came to my mind, but none of those are understood to mean what I am trying to communicate (in fact, two of them are not even close). If you think of a word with a meaning that you believe to be similar to what I am searching for, I’d love to hear from you!

Thank you.


Your own term, makeshift, works here. The dictionary entry provides several examples. I’ve selected one that relates to the context you provided.

Makeshift adjective
Acting as an interim and temporary measure.
‘About 109,000 people are living in makeshift shelters made from blue and white plastic sheeting.’

Source : Link , Question Author : Jeremiah Knefel , Answer Author : Lawrence

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