Does AFTER mean always after the number said? [duplicate]

my question is does always AFTER for example 3 something means that the 4th is the thing?

I give you two examples:

If you had 3 girls and fourth girl gave you first kiss. After how many
girls did you get your first kiss? After 3 girls I got my first kiss or after 2?

Similar example:

If you found some thing you have been looking for in third drawer.
After how many drawers you found it? I found it after 3 drawers or 2

Thanks for help!


To build on @Andrew’s comment. “After” always draws a line between the time before an action and the action itself. Thus,

If you met four girls and the fourth girl gave you a kiss, after how
many girls did you get a kiss? Answer: three.

He’s also right about using the word “had.” When applied to people — especially females — it has a, um…, well… (cough) somewhat sexual meaning.

Source : Link , Question Author : Peter , Answer Author : Join JBH on Codidact

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