Does/do any group want to give their presentation?

1.Does any group want to give their presentation?

The above sentence looks grammatically correct to me. However, I am confused between the use of do and does here. (The presence of “their” and “any group” which is singular). Could anyone suggest me?


At least in BrE, it really depends on whether you view a “group” as a single unit or you focus on the individual parts of the “group”.

“Does any group … ?” implies that each group gives their pre as a single unit, while “Do any group … ?” is equal to “Do the people of any group …?”

However, American English takes a slightly different approach to the agreement of verbs with collective nouns, where there is a very strong preference for the use of singular verbs with such nouns.

See here and here for more information.

Source : Link , Question Author : Vinnie Flores , Answer Author : Vim

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