Does English have a sister language other than Scots and Frisian?

Like I said in the title, I am aware that Scots is a sister language of Modern English. I am also aware that Frisian diverged from west Germanic, making it and it’s modern variants sister languages, but is there a language, dead or alive, that diverged after Latin and the romantic languages influenced English(middle English)?

Edit: Made the question clearer.

Edit: There’s some confusion with the definition of dialect vs language. I would assume the definition in this case would be a language that diverged from English between the early late English period to the late middle English period.


According to this chart, the sister language to English is Frisian…


Conclusion: unless you precisely define what the term "sister language" means, there is no way to answer.

Source : Link , Question Author : Aaron Speedy , Answer Author : GEdgar

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