Does “tilted” or “crooked” better describe the jeans in this picture?

This picture shows a person doing a head stand.


The person’s legs are vertical, but her jeans are not. They are off to the right a little bit. I describe this as follows.

Her legs are straight, but her jeans are _____.

What should I put in the "____" part?

I have come up with 2 possible words:

crooked – bent or twisted out of shape or out of place

I mean the jeans are kind of "out of place", right?

The other word is

tilted – moved or caused to move into a sloping position

The jeans are in a "sloping position", right?

What is the best word to put in there?

I have also considered "lean", as in "the leaning tower of Pisa". I don’t really know which fits better.



adverb & adjective
not in a straight or level position.
“the door was hanging askew on one twisted hinge”

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