“Drench” vs “Soak”

I wonder which one of the two verbs below fits better in each sense and which one doesn’t work in which sentence and why:

Soak: to make something completely wet.

Drench: To drench something or someone means to make them completely wet.

1. A car drove through a puddle and I got………..
a. drenched
b. soaked

2. When we got out of the river we were…………
a. drenched
b. soaked

3. The boy was ………… after playing in the rain.
a. drenched
b. soaked


The main difference between soak and drench is that Soak is used for something that absorbs water. (paper, cloth, wood etc) while Drench is used for others, like people etc.

Also, according wikidiff, “soak is to be saturated with liquid by being immersed in it while drench is to soak, to make very wet” (but not put/immerse the object in water, rather throw the water at them or them getting wet by a very sudden and quick process.)

So 1,3 would use drenched and 2 will use soak.

Source : Link , Question Author : A-friend , Answer Author : Bella Swan

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