Duplicate vs. replicate vs. reduplicate

What is the difference in usage between these three apparently-synonymous words: duplicate, replicate, and reduplicate. (Definitions from ODO)

duplicate: make or be an exact copy of
replicate: make an exact copy of; reproduce
reduplicate: repeat or copy so as to form another of the same kind

Why is it correct to say that the results of an experiment are replicated, but copies of a thesis are duplicated?

How should I discuss the following:

Procedure X should work as though each node i in a graph were
replaced with v_i identical copies of it.

Have the nodes been replicated, duplicated, or reduplicated? Should I reserve duplication for doubling in quantity?


If you replicate a finding, you may have come to the conclusion independently.

If you duplicate a finding, you have not come to the conclusion independently but have restated it.

Reduplication should be used only when something has been duplicated more than one time. If something has been duplicated exactly once, it is simply duplication.

Since your example sentence mentions “identical copies,” duplication is more applicable than replication. Reduplication could be used if the procedure replaced the same nodes more than once but that doesn’t appear to be the case here.

Source : Link , Question Author : Neil G , Answer Author : zooone9243

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