English equivalent for new Brazilian Portuguese slang term “desaplaudido”?

I read in Twitter in Spanish, translation mine:

In Portuguese from Brazil there is a word for those people who always try to get attention but cannot achieve that because, in fact, they are not good at anything: he/she is a desaplaudido. It is wonderful. We have to import it to Spanish.

I was curious about it and dug around a bit, to find WordReference does not recognize it and also some people in that Twitter thread are replying to say they do not know the word. It must be some new, informal term.

Does English have a similar term for that?


There is no direct English translation, but since it’s such a new word in Brazilian Portuguese slang, perhaps we’ll see a similar slang word emerge in English!

I agree with the suggestion made by @Tom22 that buffoon is probably one of the closest English words that describes something similar, although it’s not nearly as descriptive as desaplaudido.

Source : Link , Question Author : fedorqui , Answer Author : swmcdonnell

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