Error Detection

Multiple Choice Error Detection

One of the four options is grammatically incorrect.


Without green plants, the sun’s energy could not be used on the earth, and all other organisms live on the earth would die.


  1. Without
  2. could not be used
  3. other
  4. live

I think the third is the correct answer (wrong grammar = correct answer).


The third one is not incorrect.

Both ‘all other’ and ‘all the other’ are acceptable English in the context, though I would lean towards all other as most correct. ‘All the other’ feels like it’s referring to individual organisms, not whole classes of organisms which is the intent of the sentence.

The fourth one is the most wrong answer. There is a definite tense issue at play. This page has a fairly comprehensive Table of Tenses that looks correct (I only skimmed the content). This should point out a more correct word.

Source : Link , Question Author : HyperGroups , Answer Author : mcalex

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