Expression in context : asking and reacting [closed]

How to ask question politely and how to respond in the following context :

Context 1
If I want to ask how much he/she earns salary politely

How much salary you’r provided ? Or How much salary you are given ?

Context 2

If I want to ask politely how long he/she is working or doing his job’

How long have been working/doing your job ?

Context 3

If electricity goes off or come on

current went out/ came on

Context 4

politely asking for how many children

How many children you have ?

Context 5

school begins/starts

what time your school begins?

Context 6

If there are two roads/path to go to a villege/town, we need to chone one road/way/path

Let’s go through this way ?

I’v tried my best to respond or ask question in above contexts. But I’m not sure


  1. “How much do you make?” or “What is your salary?” But this is considered to be an impolite question, at least in the US.

  2. “How long have you been at your job?”

  3. I’m not sure what you what to say here.

  4. “How many children do you have?” is fine.

  5. “What time does your school begin?”

  6. “Which way should we go?” “I think we should go this way?”

Source : Link , Question Author : yubraj , Answer Author : Andrew

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