Father was used to carrying luggage anyway. Is ‘used to’ used as helping verb?

I’ve come across the above sentence in a story. The structure “used to + present participle” puzzles me a bit. please explain its meaning and usage.


Father was used to carrying luggage any way.

Here used is not the helping verb but it is the adjective.It means accustomed to. To is a preposition and so it is followed by an ingform.

This is different from used to which we use for past habits.

I am used to speaking English

I used to speak English

These are different structures and have differences in meaning

The first sentence means that I am accustomed or habituated to speak English

The second sentence means that I spoke in English in the past but now I stopped speaking English.

Source : Link , Question Author : Chinnabatthina Siva Kumar , Answer Author : successive suspension

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