Finding a better name for “context” or “variant” for describing a software object concept


In a software product, there is the possibility to define sets of parameters
(key, value pairs). The functionality is encapsulated in an object in the
code, to be reused by programmers wherever the functionality is needed.

Those parameter sets objects must have a name.

There is a second level of naming: it is possible to define multiple “versions” of the parameter values, each set of values being also identified with a name.

So, the EXPERIMENT parameters set can have fields like:

  • sample name
  • date
  • data directory

There would be experiment 1 with some values, and experiment 2 with
different values.

How would you call “experiment 1” and “experiment 2” ?

I came with context, could also be variant or similar…

Indeed one can display the value of EXPERIMENT.contexts and see ['experiment1, 'experiment 2'] and then it is possible to switch to or activate “experiment 1” or “experiment 2” to get updated parameters values
for the EXPERIMENT object.

(sorry for the long description but it is not an easy thing to describe !)

Question: would you help me finding better names for the contexts/variants ? And for the parameters set object ?

Thanks in advance !


I would call them setups. From Merriam-Webster:

setup noun


  • A : the assembly and arrangement of the tools and apparatus required for the performance of an operation
  • B : the preparation and adjustment of machines for an assigned task

The definition listed here might have physical machines in mind, but the analogy seems fairly transparent.

Source : Link , Question Author : mguijarr , Answer Author : eyeballfrog

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