“fine by me” vs “fine with me”

So, fine with me is the standard way to say it.

But fine by me is ok, and dictionaries confirm that. The only mention that it should not be used is here: https://english.stackexchange.com/a/37205/19577

  • But what is the background of fine by me? Is it rude/redneck/chav/kid/archaic/odd ?
  • What would be an impression about the speaker, when the person is using fine by me?
  • Can you use it in business correspondence ?


per comments from @FumbleFingers:

fine by me looks like a trendy british neologism.
This can be seen by comparing two phrases in British vs American English for the years 1990-2008.

Source : Link , Question Author : c69 , Answer Author : c69

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