Formal alternative to “that’ll do”

I use “that’ll do” in circumstances where I acknowledge that something is sufficient.

What is a formal alternative for this phrase, that can take place in a formal letter or a conversation ?


There’s a party that asked for a couple of screenshots from my PC. I have the screenshots but due to a technical limit it may not be enough.

My sentence:

Attached are the screenshots you requested. Explanation for technical stuff. Hope that’ll do. OR Will that do?



A more formal way of expressing such could be: … that will suffice.

The idiom that will do has in its definition a more formal synonym: TFD

That is enough, that will suffice.

to suffice: OED

To be enough, sufficient, or adequate for a purpose or the end in

As in:

New York Times Aug 22, 2019 Just a bowl of it with a dab of yogurt
would suffice [will do], but for the full effect it should be topped with a
savory stew of chicken or lamb.

Suffice comes from a combination of the Latin words sub (“under”) and facere (“make”) that together mean “meet the need of.” This need is usually the bare minimum — sufficient!

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