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I have read this passage several time and I guess that the summaries of the passage is in the last sentence I but couldn’t grasp the total real-meaning of the passage. Can you please paraphrase it to me in simple sentence so I will be able to answer the question very efficiently?
It will be helpful for me if you give me a clue that how to get the idea faster.

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The given answer is the following.

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This Comprehension is about two male subjects ( understand in normal language two males) passing by two stages : 1) Wire Suspension bridge 2) Low solid bridge and how they get aroused sexually.

1) When two males passed by a wire suspension bridge, they got more sexually aroused as compared to the others passed by low solid bridge.

2) The two males passed by wire suspension bridge contacted the female interviewer even after the interview.

3) Males that passed by wire suspension bridge had highest fear reactions such as increase in heart rate. This means when a man is completely sexually aroused his rate of heart beats increases.

4)Males that passed by low solid bridge were less sexually aroused as they considered that lady as unattractive or less attractive.

5) Conclusion : If the lady is attractive, the arousal can be interpreted as attraction and if the lady is unattractive or less attractive, the arousal can be interpreted as repulsion but here none of them is shown (i.e. the true cause is masked).

I think you will understand this experiment in a better way from this link :

Source : Link , Question Author : user2378 , Answer Author : Sweet72

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