give him a $100 bill

How do you understand when bill is the money 💵 or the statements of fees?
Of course if I am in a resturant and my friend tell me

give him a $100 bill

I will give the money, but what if there is no data about the context?

How can I be more clear if I want to say give him 100$ paper money?


As a native speaker of American English, I can say that in normal usage

A hundred dollar bill means the banknote.

A bill of/for a hundred dollars is a list of fees or charges.

Besides that, when is there ever “no data about the context”? Even if you say I found a hundred dollar bill, no one is going to think you are referring to a list of fees or charges.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ashkan Sirous , Answer Author : Alan Carmack

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