“Go for the Throat” explanation

I discovered this phrasal verb (maybe) go for the throat, but I have been unable to find out anything more about it. I would like to know its meaning in the paragraph below. Could you help me, please?

Get ready to be gaslit by gaslight in a mesmerizing story scripted by
Laura Marks, a comics newbie and TV veteran. I met Laura working on
the never aired version of Locke & Key prepped by Hulu and was blown
away by her deft touch at dialogue and go for the throat instinct.

Joe Hill (via Instagram)


“Go for the throat” means attacking someone in their weakest spot. It refers to animals, especially wolves, which during a fight attack their enemies’ throats to quickly end the fight and win.

When concerning humans it means that a person with “go for the throat instinct” usually finds the weakest spot of other people and tries to use that for their advantage.

In your example Laura is possibly a person which is very driven to accomplish her goal by whatever means necessary, usually with aggresive attitude.

Source : Link , Question Author : Rosario Rosato , Answer Author : TK-421

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