Got a cold, cure it by yourself?

When a person got a cold, but he didn’t want to have any medicine as he believed that it could be got well after having a rest. In this situation, does this sentence below sound natural? Or how would you express this?

He wanted to cure it by himself after he got a cold.


Firstly, it sounds unnatural to refer to “it” before introducing the word “cold” in your sentence. Secondly, the word “by” is unnecessary. I would phrase the sentence as such:

He got a cold and wanted to cure it himself.

You might also use the word “insist” to emphasize how your subject didn’t want to take other people’s advice.

He got a cold and insisted on curing it himself.

To make it clear that the subject wanted to get better without the use of medicine, you might also say:

He got a cold and insisted on letting it heal naturally.

Another suggestion from snailboat‘s comment, which makes it absolutely clear that there was no treatment is involved:

He got a cold and insisted on letting it run its course.

Source : Link , Question Author : canoe , Answer Author : Stephan B

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