Grammar – Having known subject for X years, I am sure that

There is a following expression:

Having known him for more than 10 years since we were at the same school, I am sure that…

This sentence seems weird to me. What it is trying to say is:

I have known him for more than 10 years …, I am sure that…

Is it grammatically and stylistically correct to use ‘having known’ here? Can you suggest a way how to avoid using ‘having known’?


The phrase having known him … is a participle phrase modifying the subject of the main clause, I. This construction is perfectly fine and is often used.

It could be reordered to

I, having known him … , am sure that …

This alternate construction is a bit clumsy because the subject of the sentence is separated from its verb by a very long phrase. There are various alternatives such as using a compound sentence

I have known him … , and I am sure …


Because I have known him …, I am sure …

Source : Link , Question Author : ntoskrnl , Answer Author : bib

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