How are words that describe a certain sound called?

They’re different in different languages, but I’m looking for the name of the category of those words.

For example, a sound of dog’s barking: “woof-woof”. But in Russian it’s “ghav-ghav”;

A sound of cat: “meow”. But in Japanese it’s “nya”.

Also various sounds that are used in comics: “boing”, “bang”, “poof”, “ka-pow”, etc.


These words are called “Onomatopeic”


A word which demonstrates a sound is called onomatopoeia. Onomatopoeia is using words to represent sounds or using words that sound like what they mean, such as boom, beep, click, meow, etc.

When you pronounce an onomatopoetic word, it mimics the sound of what it is describing.

Source : Link , Question Author : keke , Answer Author : Shaapj

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