How can I disambiguate “shorter”?

Consider the following two boxes with the provided dimensions:


  • 10 inches long
  • 10 inches wide
  • 10 inches tall


  • 11 inches long
  • 12 inches wide
  • 13 inches tall

I wish to communicate the side differences between these two boxes. When comparing B to A, this is easy:

  • B is 1 inch longer than A
  • B is 2 inches wider than A
  • B is 3 inches taller than A

However, when comparing A to B, these are the words I’ve come up with:

  • A is 1 inch shorter than B
  • A is 2 inches narrower than B
  • A is 3 inches shorter than B

Specifically, the word “shorter” seems to be the best fit for comparing both the length and the height of the two objects. Is there another word that I could use instead of one of these instances? If not, what is the best way to disambiguate whether I mean length or height?


To compare a cuboid in all three dimensions, you can use these three pairs

  • taller/shorter
  • wider/narrower
  • deeper/shallower

So you could write I prefer this closet for hanging clothes because, even though it is not as tall or as wide as the other, its greater depth gives each item more space.

Source : Link , Question Author : Kyle Cronin , Answer Author : Fortiter

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