How do you parse “hair do”

Is "do" understood as a noun or verb in "hair do"?

Asking this in search of "to make do".

Bonus points if it can be related to German Tolle "tuft [of hair], that thing that Elvis had on his head", itself of obscure origin, surely under influence of toll "wild, great, fun".

En. dole doesn’t seem to be a bad fit, either, as general as its cognates are (portion, piece, divide).


A hair-do (or hairdo) is a hairstyle. You have your hair done by a stylist and the result is a hair-do. In this case “do” is a noun.

A hairstyle, hairdo, or haircut refers to the styling of hair,
usually on the human scalp.

“do” on its own can be a noun –

Source : Link , Question Author : vectory , Answer Author : chasly – supports Monica

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