How do you pronounce this phrase, “as for me”?

How do you pronounce this phrase, "as for me"?:

  1. /æz fɔr mi/

  2. /æz fər mi/

  3. /əz fɔr mi/

  4. /əz fər mi/


You seem to be confused as to which pronunciations to use from the dictionary.

The vowel /ə/ appears in the weak forms of the words as and for; these are used when the words are unstressed.

Generally, you would put stress on as and me in the phrase as for me. This means that your third pronunciation is really wrong, because it uses the weak form of the word as and not for, while your second pronunciation is probably the most likely one. Your first pronunciation doesn’t reduce for, but this would not be uncommon in formal speech. Your fourth pronunciation only has stress on me, but that’s also possible, depending on the surrounding words, the context, and whether you’re speaking quickly.

Source : Link , Question Author : Edinburgh1 , Answer Author : Peter Shor

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