How does “aboriginal” mean “unsophisticated”?

A list of SAT vocabulary words from gives the following definition for the word aboriginal:

aboriginal adj. Primitive; unsophisticated.

I know that aboriginal means a person or group of people who have been living beforehand or the first people to live in a certain region. How does it mean “unsophisticated”?


aboriginal OED

a. First or earliest as recorded by history; present from the
beginning; primitive. Of peoples, plants, and animals:
inhabiting or existing in a land from earliest times; strictly native,


b. Frequently with initial capital. Of, relating to, or
characteristic of the Aborigines of Australia or their languages.


b. Also with capital initial. Inhabiting or occupying a country
before the arrival of European colonists and those whom they

unsophisticated OED

Not sophisticated in habits, manners, or mind; natural, ingenuous,
inexperienced. Not tampered with, altered, or falsified; uncorrupted,
genuine. Unmixed, unadulterated.

Speaking of aboriginal peoples: unsophisticated only in a sense of comparison to other collections of humans at the time. The Oxford English Dictionary does not use the word, and there is no sense of disparagement in its definitions.

Source : Link , Question Author : Muhammad Ahmed Nasir , Answer Author : lbf

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