How does the pitch change through the phrase “a gorgeous young model”?

When one pronounces the phrase

a gorgeous young model

in a very normal way (without any special stress to emphasize a specific meaning), which word will be said in the highest pitch, which word will be said in the lowest pitch and which word will receive the middle range?

  • Information added later:

Yeah, I mean the frequency change. See this photo to know what I mean. But I’m not sure if these pitch patterns will sound natural or not, so please recommend me the better pitch pattern!

enter image description here


I can’t diagram it as you did but I can describe it. The first syllable of gorgeous gets the highest pitch. So, the phrase will have a mountain shape. What happens at the end of the phrase will depend on what’s coming next. If this utterance is complete in itself, the pitch will just continue descending at the end. If not, then the pitch can rise a bit at the very end, to indicate that there is more to come.

Source : Link , Question Author : Pith , Answer Author : aparente001

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