How is it called to the one that anonymizes?

I cannot found this online. That one that anonymizes is an anonymator, an anonymizator or anything else?


An anonymizer is a tool that hides the identity of a computer from the server. It allows a person to browse the internet anonymously and privately.

I’d understand “data anonymizer” as a description of a person, but in actual use, it almost always refers to a tool that the person uses. I can find little evidence of it being a job title that someone might have, rather it is a task that is done by people with different titles

I am the data manager for the company. I anonymize data before it is distributed and ensure GDPR compliance

I usually get a postdoc to anonymize the clinical data before it is archived.

I anonymize data, I am a personal information compliance officer.

In practice we would not normally talk about a data anonymizer, except as a computer tool.

Source : Link , Question Author : myradio , Answer Author : James K

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