How is “pertain” used?

Which one is correct?

This part is pertaining to server.

This part is pertained to server.

Should I use with instead of to in the examples?

I tried an online spellchecker, which it told me I should replace pertain with concern. Should I listen to it?

I want to say server will handle that part, or that part is done by server.


  1. ‘This part is pertaining to the server’ is correct — better yet, use ‘this part pertains to the server’

  2. Do not use ‘with’ – BobRodes explained that well

  3. Pertain and Concern can both be used here – but you would say ‘This part concerns the server’ or ‘this part pertains to the server’ — Personally, I would use concerns

  4. Here are two sentences:

This paragraph concerns the server
— That sentence means: ‘This paragraph is written about the server’

The server handles this paragraph
— That sentence means: ‘The server controlls or otherwise does something to the paragraph’

Source : Link , Question Author : aghArdeshir , Answer Author : ccanduc

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