How is unjustifiable (falsely attributed) usage of *we* or *us* called?

I wonder what the name of phenomenon when a speaker uses we or us to falsely (and, really, deceptively) attach oneself to a group (like when a politician says “hard times await us” in his public speech, when hard times obviously don’t await him) or place false collective blame (like in “we went to Iraq”, when neither him, nor most of his listeners have even been there) is.

I’ve learned about something called nosism and also I’ve read through “Atypical uses of we section here, but seems that none of the listed instances of usage of we fits my description.
If these are actually instances of nosism I would like to know the precise name of its category.

UPD: Doesn’t have to be a matter of linguistics: I simply need to name this rhetorical device.

UPD2: I continued the search was lead to words like populism and demagoguery, but they seem either unfit or too broad for the purpose of understanding.

UPD3: In case of the political speech, would “political we” be a better name? Still waiting for more general (but not too broad) name.


Towards a term or phrase specifying the insincere usage of the inclusive we to promote a feigned consensus, and by the nose thus lead groups astray…

Pseudo-Formal: The inclusive first person plural in absentia.

Informal: The rogue’s we. The Machiavellian we. We-selling. We-hawkin’. We minus one.

Source : Link , Question Author : The_Keeper , Answer Author : agc

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