How should I capitalize “Clean Up the Tags and Branches” as a title to a section?

Specifically, I am wondering how “Clean Up” should be capitalized. I have three plausible options:

  1. “Clean Up”
  2. “Clean-up”
  3. “Clean up”

It all really depends on what part of speech “up” is and whether it requires hyphenation.

I was thinking that “clean up” is a phrasal verb and… I don’t know…


Working with Subversion, eh? 🙂

As you said, clean up is a phrasal verb. Cleanup is a noun. (Hyphenation isn’t appropriate for the verb form. If it were, I wouldn’t capitalize “up.”)

I agree with Barrie England’s comment. You should capitalize “up” in the title because the linkage between the two words in a phrasal verb isn’t as strong as if they were hyphenated.

Source : Link , Question Author : John Gietzen , Answer Author : skst

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