How should I end sentences with a URL as the last word?

For example,

The website I was referring to is hosted at

How should I place the fullstop at the end?


The official specification for Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) has a section titled “Wrappers for URIs in plain text” which recommends using angle brackets ‘<’ and ‘>’ for delimiting URLs when they appear in the context of a plain text message:

This section does not formally form part of the URL specification .

URIs, including URLs, will ideally be transmitted though protocols
which accept them and data formats which define a context for them.
However, in practice nowadays there are many occasions when URLs
are included in plain ASCII non-marked-up text such as electronic
mail and usenet news messages.

In this case, it is convenient to have a separate wrapper syntax to
define delimiters which will enable the human or automated reader
to recognize that the URI is a URI.

The recommendation is that the angle brackets (less than and
greater than signs) of the ASCII set be used for this purpose.

These wrappers do not form part of the URL, are not mandatory, and
should not be used in contexts (such as SGML parameters, HTTP
requests, etc) in which delimiters are already specified.


Yes, Jim, I found it under <> but
you can probably pick it up from <>.

If you follow this recommendation, the answer is easy: place the terminal punctuation after the closing angle bracket delimeter ‘>’.

Source : Link , Question Author : Lazer , Answer Author : nohat

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