How should I write “Why questions”?

I would like to know how to properly write, somewhere in a paragraph, the phrase “Why questions”. By which I mean questions of the form “Why… ?”.

The sentence I would like to write is “How to answer why questions.” How do I format it?


  1. How to answer why questions.
  2. How to answer why questions.
  3. How to answer why? questions.
  4. How to answer ‘why’ questions.
  5. How to answer “why” questions.
  6. How to answer “why?” questions.

I thought 3 would be best but I would appreciate a second (third, etc.) opinion.


I would write it this way:

How to answer “Why” questions.

It really doesn’t matter grammatically. There are no rules about this kind of thing. It’s strictly a style choice. I use a capital “W” because most “Why” questions begin with “Why”, and sentences like “I wonder why the sky is blue” and “He asked me why I liked her” aren’t “Why” questions.

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