How should “red and blue coloured kingfisher” be hyphenated?

In the following sentence, what is the correct use of hyphens?

Should it be:

A red and blue-coloured kingfisher.


A red-and-blue-coloured kingfisher.

Please assume that the ‘coloured’ is a necessity, i.e. I can’t shorten to ‘red and blue kingfisher’.

I know that if there were only one colour I should hypenate, i.e. red-coloured kingfisher’.

Fumble Fingers made the excellent suggestion to negate the problem by reordering the words to ‘a kingfisher coloured red and blue’, but I’m looking for the correct use of hyphenation with the words in the order above.


Because red and blue colored is the adjectival phrase, it should be hyphenated as a compound modifier: “red-and-blue-colored kingfisher”

Source : Link , Question Author : Undistraction , Answer Author : user8356

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