How to avoid overusing ‘the’ in objective writing

I’m writing an experimental process description and I feel like i’m overusing ‘the’.

  1. The plastic tube leading out the bottom of the Vayyar equipment (again the tube on the left) is fed through the hole of the data lid and into the sample container
  2. The syringe is retracted slightly and placed into the holder, the tip of the syringe sits at the far left of the mount (pointing towards the wall) with the handle in the moving part of the syringer

However i can’t see what else could be used, does anyone have any suggestions?


Different writing styles call for different approaches. Documenting an experimental process emphasizes clarity over anything else, so reusing “the” is less of a concern than if you were writing a novel. For example, I rewrote step 5 as if I were proofreading fiction. There are fewer thes, but I don’t think it’s as descriptive and reproducible as what you wrote.

Feed a tube leading out of the Vayyar equipment’s bottom-left
through a hole in the data lid and into a sample container.

Source : Link , Question Author : Tasty213 , Answer Author : Andrew Brēza

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