How to describe Gender formally?

For a User Interface of an Information System, options for selecting the Gender is to be given:

Not known



Male – TransGender

Female – TransGender

Is Enuch can be included; as an appropriate (formal) word, which can describe an Individual -neither male nor female? Any other word? Like Third-Gender or something?

Suggestions for all the words are welcome.


If this is for a Healthcare Information System, please verify whether the question refers to biological sex or gender. There is not enough information here to determine whether the question here is to determine a biological sex for medical reasons, or if it is a simple questionnaire for, say, a patient intake process, where gender would apply.

This being said, the standard for referring to specifically gender is different in different countries, but in most English-speaking locations, the norm is to ask: Male, Female, Other, Decline to State

If your aim is to take a more “progressive” role with gender, you may want to try: Cisgender Male, Cisgender Female, Transgender Male, Transgender Female, Other, Decline to State

Do bear in mind that the term cisgender is not currently part of the common vocabulary, and many dictionaries may not yet have an entry for this word. It is used to describe a person whose assigned gender and their biological sex are aligned.

Source : Link , Question Author : Optimight , Answer Author : psosuna

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