How to describe the leakage of rain from a house roof

How to describe the leakage of rain from a house roof? Such as the house leaks, rain drips from the roof, the house is not waterproof,or it is leaking? Thank you very much!


Generally we say “The roof leaks”.

“Rain drips from the roof” would usually describe rain dripping outside the house, from the eaves.

“The house leaks” might be used to say that water regularly enters the house from a source other than the roof—from groundwater, for instance—but we would be more likely to mention where the water enters: “The basement leaks” or “The walls leak”, for instance. It might also be used to say that something leaks out of the house: heated air in the winter, for instance. “The house is leaking” has the same meanings, but indicates that it is happening right now.

“The house is not waterproof” means that the house cannot keep water out.

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