How to describe wearing a T-shirt in a opposite manner?

Let’s say I put on a T-shirt with back in front and front in back. Is there any word to describe the state of the t-short similar to how upside down means that up and down have been reversed?. The sentence where I am trying to use it is something like this:

First the I wore the T-shirt the right way round. Then I put it on […].

Additionally, if my friend does the same thing (i.e. wearing the T-shirt in the reverse manner), and I want to tell him to fix it. Can I say “Take it off and reverse it”?

Does reverse make sense in this context?


There are two common words to describe putting a shirt on wrong.

In the situation you describe, when the front of the shirt is on the person’s back, I’d refer to it as backwards:

You’ve got your shirt on backwards!

If you put it on when it was inverted, that is the inside of the shirt is showing on the outside, I’d call that inside-out.

Your shirt is on inside-out!

I’m having trouble thinking of an idiomatic way to tell the person to take the shirt off and fix it, though; likely because “Your shirt’s on backwards!” is usually sufficient to get someone to fix the error themselves. But I think this would work as a good description:

You’ve got your shirt on backwards! Take it off and flip it around.

That is, turn the front of the shirt to the front of your body, fixing the mistake.

Reverse is understandable, it just doesn’t roll off the tongue very easily here. I’d stick with turn it around/flip it around.

Source : Link , Question Author : Thor , Answer Author : WendiKidd

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