How to explain what amped means?

I have a website that classifies Spotify Playlists:

And after the classification, it gets this:

enter image description here

I am a native spanish speaker, when I search for the translation, it makes no sense to me in the terms of music.


Let’s look at the Oxford Living Dictionaries definition to start with:

amp (noun)

short for amplifier

(verb [with object]) often amp something up

play (music) through electric amplification

Their willingness to amp up traditional songs virtually began the folk-rock genre.

(as adjective) amped or amped up (North American, informal)

full of nervous energy

Third-ranked Ohio State visits an amped-up Madison

Based on this, for amp to denote some classification of music, I see two possibilities:

First, amped could mean amplified, i.e. not acoustic – the normal definition of the verb given above. I think this is unlikely, for a number of reasons – it seems an odd classification for a website to make based on a playlist, and perhaps a difficult one to make too, but, mainly because it isn’t a ‘mood’.

Plugged-in or electric or amped in that sense doesn’t fit with the other ‘moods’ we can see in your screenshot: danceable, chill or happy.

Second, amped could mean excited, pumped, hyped – the adjectival definition given above – full of nervous energy.

This definition fits better in context with danceable, chill and happy and is much more likely the intended meaning. (For what it’s worth, I don’t think these ‘moods’ seem to be a great classification system myself and I also think amped was quite a poor choice of name, given its ambiguity.)

Source : Link , Question Author : Luis Valencia , Answer Author : tmgr

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