How to refer properly to the end of classes at the college? (study, studies, learning)

“She comes to me every day when I am done with my studies / learning /

Which of the words is more appropriate in the given context? (Considering that this is the end of the day at the college and we finished our day there.)


When you are in college, and you have finished for the day, you might say:

when I have finished studying [in classes, in the library or even on the lawn of the institution.
when I have finished for the day.
when I have finished my classes for the day.

Studying is an activity whereby you learn new things. Studying is important if you want to earn a degree.

Careful with: finished my studies because that means to no longer be at college. To have earned a degree.

Also, to finish learning is wrong here for your meaning. One often sees: in life, one never finishes learning [new things].

Source : Link , Question Author : Virtuous Legend , Answer Author : Lambie

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