How to remember using “have” instead of “of”?

I’m (reasonably) sure these are wrong:

  • I would of won.
  • I could of done that.

and are likely so common because if you phonetically transcribe “would’ve”, “could’ve”, etc, that’s what you get. Nevertheless, I commonly make that mistake over and over again. How can I definitively correct this error?


Remove the modal verb (would, could, should, etc.) from the sentence, and see if it still makes sense.

  • I would have won. -> I have won. (works!)
  • *I would of won. -> I of won. (nope, that’s not right…)

You can be sure that if the sentence is supposed to have have, then you can always remove the modal.

Source : Link , Question Author : Nick T , Answer Author : Kosmonaut

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