How to say *heathenous?

I want to decry an act or object as having heathen-like qualities. I would call it *heathenous, except apparently this word is neither in the dictionaries nor oft-seen by google.


Depending on the context in which you intend to use it, there are a few options:

  • heathen: this is also an adjective, so it would seem the most obvious choice
  • pagan: denotes non-Christian or pre-Christian, with no strong positive or negative connotation per se; in modern times also of a spiritualist movement
  • unchristian: has a negative connotation: lacking all traditional Christian virtues, especially charity
  • heretical: denotes being antagonistic to standard thinking
  • barbarous: connotes cruelty and crudeness
  • barbaric: connotes being primitive, especially as regards gaudy decoration
  • barbarian: most neutral word for being uncivilised

Source : Link , Question Author : Claudiu , Answer Author : Cerberus_Reinstate_Monica

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