How to say that something is very immature relative to something

I’m looking for an expression to describe a situation when something (e.g. technology, software, science) is much less developed than some other representative of this category. Thus, much more error prone or just not so pleasant to use than its better competitor.

I was thinking about something like:

This technology A is light years behind this other technology B.


This technology A is far away from this other technology B.


  • A – worse, immature, problematic
  • B – better, mature, fully-developed

Are these sentences correct? The second one seems wrong to me, but the first seems fine because in Polish we have coś jest lata świetlne za czymś1. What else could I use in this context?


The A technology is lagged developed in comparison with B technology

Source : Link , Question Author : Dominik Roszkowski , Answer Author : Eremita

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