How to talk about people you know?

In French the word I’d use is mes connaissances. But this word also (and mainly) means the things I know, and then the traduction I find is: my knowledges.

Is this double meaning exists in English and what should I say to talk about people I know and who know me without being my friends?

Edit (an example of context):

This software is very popular, if you have any problem with it just ask to your connaissances, I think that somebody could help you.


When I typed and translated mes connaissances in Google, it showed my knowledge.

Firstly, it cannot be my knowledges as it’s not a countable noun. If you want to refer to those known to you, the word is acquaintance or known.

my acquaintances (derived from acquaintance) -example #3 there.

Source : Link , Question Author : Fractaliste , Answer Author : Maulik V

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