How to use “Considering” preposition in a sentence

According to the Longman Dictionary, considering is “used to say that you are thinking about a particular fact when you are giving your opinion.”

The Cambridge Dictionary says that is “used to mention a particular condition or fact about something, usually a disadvantage.”

Can I use considering in a positive way, to express my opinion?



They’re very similar; but considering that it comes with twice the storage and costs $100 less, I’d buy the HP rather than the Dell.

It is true that considering is often used to mention a disadvantage which must be taken into account in an evaluation; but as often as not it points to this disadvantage in order to support a positive opinion.

This is a very well-written essay, especially considering that the author has only been studying English for a year.

But that is not obligatory; the consideration may support a negative opinion.

Considering his vile temper, his lackluster quality of work and his complete lack of elementary tact, I think we would be ill advised to offer Bob a permanent position.

All considering means is that your opinion includes consideration of the object.

Source : Link , Question Author : Abbas Amiri , Answer Author : StoneyB on hiatus

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